JorZine - Interview with Soul Sanctuary

Interview with Soul Sanctuary

Band: Soul Sanctuary

By: Salma ben Rached - 2012-12-01

This Question is often asked how a person would be individually identifiable in the long struggle to have the ‘it’ factor to succeed but again clouds in the sky are not even and so is the case in evaluating Metal bands worldwide.

It could take years for some bands to get the attention of fans but others get instantly under the vicious microscopic eyes of the media and actually make it out in one piece!

Soul sanctuary are an underrated yet a very dedicated band from UK to their fans, we had the opportunity to ask them about the venues, their future releases and even if they're going to dominate the world!

JZ: for those who don’t know you, would you like to tell our readers a little about Soul sanctuary, and where this band comes from and who are those exactly behind this music?

Luke: We're a metal band from the UK, 6 guys (Michael Burrough - Vocals, Luke Gibson - Vocals, Ed Stevens - Guitar, Ben Taylor - Guitar, Ash Duke - Bass and Jay Hicks - Drums) who want to make music because we love it, simple as that. We all have a part to play in the music, but Luke, Ed and Michael are the bands main writing team.

JZ: When did you realize that you had something special in your hands and had to raise the bar for everyone to see?

Michael: I don't believe any of us think we have something special, we just enjoy writing music, we're humbled that there are people who have taken time to listen to and (even more amazingly) enjoy what we do.
Luke: Very honored you think of us like that, it means a lot.

JZ: What was your process for building up the tracks? What was it exactly floating on the back of your heads?

Luke: Usually, one of us gets an idea and roles with it in the recording studio and then the rest of us build on it. But we couldn't really explain the process step by step because there is no set formula. What we do just happens; I guess we're lucky like that.

JZ: You use two techniques of vocals clean and harsh. How do you prepare for recording the vocals?

Luke: We don't, we like the feeling of going in raw and fresh, it works for us.

JZ: Soul sanctuary has had a pretty rapid response from the media, you turned heads toward you guys very quickly and a lot of positive press recognition to your album “Afterlife”, Is there any future plans for world domination?

Ed: We have many, but we can't tell you or we'd have to kill you. (Joke) ;)

JZ: This question is for Luke and Michael:  are you both working on improving your vocal abilities either through personal practice or professional instructions to be able to give your best in future releases?

Luke: I do a lot of personal practice and had professional training when I was younger. Michael on the other hand was just born with a pitch perfect voice and never needs to practice.
Michael: haha yes they all hate me for it, although that's probably a little bit exaggerated.

JZ: A goal of the band seems to be capturing all the energy of being young and at times the anger towards different life issues, do you think being real is what makes the music closer to the crowds?

Luke: Maybe, we try not to over think what we do, we just like to play music and if people enjoy it all the better. We write whatever we feel like writing, if that's what people can relate to then that's all we can ask.

JZ: You’re maintaining a good relationship with your fans throughout networking sites your official website, how important is to you to know how’s your music affecting others?

Ed: We think it's very important, although we'd still write music if nobody was listening, the fact that people care about what we do means a lot to us.
Luke: I love hearing from the fans, reading some really cool fan mail can really make my day.

JZ: What makes you all tick exactly? You ‘all still think sex, drugs & Rock and Roll implies on nowadays Metal scene?

Michael: We certainly like to party, whether it's as crazy as the days of old school bands, I doubt it. But I like to try!

JZ: What's coming up in the near future soul sanctuary? Are you touring or playing festivals? How do the venues owners are treating you? Do they give you hard time?

Luke: We're planning on touring in the near future although there are no set dates for any upcoming tours yet. Usually venues treat us pretty well, I think we've only ever played one gig that was really unpleasant, but that wasn't down to the venue.
Ed: I agree, we've had some crappy venues but the owners themselves are usually polite and friendly for the most part.

JZ: The lyrics and feel to some of the tracks, for example "packaged to sell", "killing time" and "heart attack" are pretty intense and seem quite personal. It would be interesting to know how they came about.

Luke: When writing lyrics a lot of it is autobiographical, I draw from experiences I've been though, the difficult times in my life. Then Michael helps me refine the words I use, and helps me to convey the message better.

JZ: Your stuff is getting positive media responses, does that make it easier for you to carry on or that just adds more pressure?

Ed: Probably easier, it certainly doesn't add pressure, or at least it hasn't yet.
Are you getting offers from prestigious and well known record labels yet?
Luke - We've had a couple of reasonable offers and we've been passing emails back and forth with lots of cool people, but nothing we've taken up yet.

JZ: Are you by any chance familiar with bands in the Middle East or North Africa?

Luke: Not many, only: Melechesh, Salem, Bilocate, Mezarkabul, Blood Ink, and a few others.

JZ: Any last words for our readers?

Michael: Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we hope that you'll check out what we do, and we hope to be able to play for you guys in the near future.
Ed: Thank you for being awesome and enjoying what we do!
Luke: Thank you, all we can ever hope to achieve from our music is we might one day inspire others, like others inspired us... Stay Metal!


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