JorZine - Interview with Majestic Downfall

Interview with Majestic Downfall

Band: Majestic Downfall

By: Rak Hiasat - 2012-12-01

Recently, the Mexican death/doom metal band Majestic Downfall have taken a really respectable position in the international metal scene, with their latest record The Blood Dance showing how underground metal could be very professional. We decided to interview the band to learn more about them:

JZ: Could you tell us more about the history of the band and how you started playing metal?

Hey Rak, first of all thanks for the interview man, it is a pleasure to answer it and just for the record, it is the first time that I answer an interview for the middle east. Majestic Downfall started in 2006 when I moved to the city of Dallas, Texas in the USA. I had not played for 6 years and there I had the opportunity to make my own home studio and that is where it all began. Before that I started playing when I was 13 years old till I was 21 in a Dark Metal band from Querztaro, Mexico called Antiqua. Actually I moved back to Mexico, my beloved country, and here is where the band is located at the moment.

JZ: What (or who) influenced you to name your band with this name?

The Majestic Downfall name comes from the beauty that only

Doom/Death can create. It is the mix of the most deep and emotional feelings mixed with darkness. No other genre can give you darkness and hope at the same time and so effectively as Doom Metal. So that is exactly what I wanted to achieve with the name. It is the greatest and most incredible downfall ever, if that makes any sense.

JZ: Could you name some of the band's main influences, the ones that helped shape band's sound?

Throughout the years, the influences have really changed. The main intention was too pay tribute to the first albums of Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost, as well as dutch greats like Celestial Season, Phlebotomized and The Gathering (Always era). As time passed I started to incorporate new sounds into the compositions and bands like Forgotten Tomb and Shining have really influenced todays writing, but in the end I think that the Majestic Downfall core is pretty much intact and even if every release is different, there is definitely something that lets you know you are listening to Majestic Downfall.

JZ: Regarding the songwriting and lyrical content of the band, are they all written by the band or have you received some external help?

I am in charge of everything, and by saying everything I mean it. I write all the songs from the core to the final work, take care of the art, lyrics and everything in between. The only aspect where I get some help is in the drum department. Even if I write the drums 100 percent I can't really play them as I wanted to, so I have a great friend, Alfonso, who is the MD session drummer and has helped me since Temple of Guilt. But as I mentioned, it all comes from my personal view of how Majestic Downfall should sound like.

JZ: What is the ideology that fuels Majestic Downfall's lyrics?

I don't really like to talk about this aspect since each one can have a very different opinion on the lyrics and I think that is what makes interpretation so rich. At the same time I can tell you that I have 2 main lyrical themes, the first one is human disgust and us leading to the end of the world and the second one too personal to explain, I can only tell you it works as a catharsis for me.

JZ: Are there any particular sources that inspires you to write lyrics and compositions?

Yes there are. Many actually. And the rest is in the question before this one.

JZ: Besides the release of your two full-length albums, have you previously released any other demos or EPs?

I have released the demo 2006 and also the split with Ansia from Italy which was released by Solitude Productions. The demo consisted of 300 copies, I only have 14 left and the split of 1000 copies.

JZ: Are you working on a new album , If so, could you tell us a little bit about it?

Of course I am working on a new album, I am always working on something with the band. The new album has already been recordead and is being mixed as we speak. It was once recorded in Revolution Studios with the help of Jesus Bravo and once again this album will be different from previous ones, but don't worry the feeling and despair is surely there. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Right now I am working on the art and final touches. Expect more darkness from Majestic Downfall.

JZ: Your latest record, The Blood Dance, has a pretty interesting album cover. Who is the man behind the design of that cover?

It is funny, many people have not liked the new album art and you know what, I don't give a fuck. I wanted to stay away from the overproduced photoshop arts that are all over the place today. I wanted something raw and pencil based and I am extremely happy with the final outcome. I actually will be going more towards this new direction in the new album. It wont be exactly the same, but will surely make a lot of people decide whether they love it or hate it. In the end as long as I like it, I don't really care. It would be too easy to have an art as I did in Temple Of Guilt, but nah, I want to take my art form as far as I can and I will always be looking for that.

JZ: Are you working with some other bands?

Right now I have another band called Zombiefication. We released our first album Midnight Stench through Asphyxiate Recordings of Australia and then the reissue was done by Osmose Productions. The LP came out through Mexico's growing label Chaos Records. Our new EP, Reaper´s Consecration will be released by Chaos Records in LP, slim case CD format in Mexico and by Pulverised Records from Singapore worldwide. Zombiefication is made of 2 persons, Mr. Hitch and me, the other members are session musicians and as you may have guessed by now, it is pure putrid and stinky Death Metal raised on Aztec Bloodshed.

JZ: Have you ever participated in a live show/concert/tour? Do you have any future plans for a live show/concert/tour?

Actually I play with Zombiefication live and played for almost 10 years with my previous band Antiqua. Regarding Majestic Downfall there are no plans of playing live yet, but you never know. As time goes by I think about it a bit more and I would really like to play live with Majestic Downfall. I just need time and other aspects to come together in order to be able to do it.

JZ: In your opinion, what are the best and worst things about being in a band?

The worst aspects about being in a band, is that when the people involved in it don't really know their capabilities and roles, it can be fucking crazy and unproductive. In a band there is always people that are more creative than others, and people that is more organized than the other one and so on. Each one should be able to see his/her strenght and work with it for the benefit of the band. If you suck at writing music, let the other ones do it. If you are a fucking mess in the administration of the band, don't touch it, some other member can do it. It has to be seen as an enterprise to make things work and if done properly it can really be productive in all senses.

On the other hand, the best thing of being in a band is the work team that can happen. A good chemistry can really make things incredibly interesting and original. At the same time, the efforts are easier and the problems are solved with more heads.

In my case, even if I am a band but of one member, having control of everything is really productive since I have a discipline for doing it and don´t see it as something I do for fun or entertainment. I see it as a work, as the work of my life and the way I want to be remembered.

JZ: What does metal mean or represent to you as a band?

Life. Without Metal I would not be half the person I am. May sound corny but it is true.

JZ: JorZine is, as you know, a webzine that focuses on Middle Eastern metal. With knowledge of your relations with the scene in the Middle East, what are your thoughts about it?

To be honest I really don't know much about the scene as I wish I did. I can now come up with 2 names, Acrassicauda, for obvious reasons, actually one of my friends was involved in the documentary and Chalice Of Doom, a very interesting Doom/Death Metal band from Jordan. This regarding arab countries. And about Israel I could name some other bands, Sonne Adam, Salem, Orphaned Land and that is what I remember now. I hope that by mentioning Israel I am not getting in a conflict jejeje.

JZ: Do you have any final comments or stuff you'd like to add?

Jorzine, thanks a lot for the support towards Majestic Downfall. For all the news regarding the band please visit Also please add Zombiefication at For other inquiries please write to Thanks again and remember, NOW THE FLAMES OF HELL WILL REACH AND BURN THE HEAVENS.


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