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Interview with Apeira

Band: Apeira

By: Mohsen Fayyazi - 2012-12-01

Apeira is a Progressive, Oriental Death Metal band hailing from UAE,. They are going to release a new album later of this year. Here you can read some questions that I have asked them and also their answers.

JZ: You have changed your band name to, Apeira. It is quite the strange decision. What does it mean and why have you chosen it to be the permenant name of the band ?

Well Apeira is derived from the word Apeiron which is greek for boundless, infinite, unlimited. Therefore to us…Apeira means and represents a boundless land or an infinite place…which is the afterlife. We changed the band name from Aeon Omega to make it basically short and sweet so to say.

JZ: You play Progressive, Oriental Death Metal -- such a good harmony. Who inspired you in music (in specifically this kind of music)?

Honestly the whole band is influenced by Dream Theater, and when we write our music we don’t want to be bound to a specific time signature or set of riffs for the entire song so we put in a lot of progressions. Also we like to put a little bit of flavor representing the regions where we hail from into out music…in this case it’s the middle east.

JZ: You played covers for a while, can those bands be considered as influencial or were they covered to attain certain technical skills?Do you try to follow them?

Looking back we did cover a lot of bands which were quite different from our current genre. We covered a bit of Nightwish, Metallica, Iron Maiden, 69 Eyes even Deep Purple. Back then we played our favorite songs and even the first few times on stage we did that…until we decided to write our own material. Then basically we didn’t cover much but every once in a while we do a bit of Judas Priest and Arch Enemy haha.

JZ: Actually, I'm not entirely certain about what your lyrical theme is, why you are playing and what your "global music" message is. Would you please tell me a little more about about each topic?

We are playing because of our love for music. On stage when we are playing and I see our fans headbanging, moshing and enjoying our music, it just takes me to a whole new world. There are several people who support us and our music who we are very thankful to and we keep going to give them what they want! Lyrical theme is quite interesting though. When you put all the songs in our album together it says a story, and all the other albums to come combine together as part of a bigger story. In Gates to Apeiron however the album starts when this guy finds out he is going to die, until the day he dies and is waiting for his judgment to know where he will end up in Apeira (afterlife). Every song is sort of a message to him and all others listening because most people can relate to his feelings. The message is that its never too late to repent and do good.

JZ: You have played on stage many times, but in the first time u played what did you feel?. I'm wondering how your experience was on stage . What would be the right word to describe it?

Ahhh the first time was a bit scary to be honest. Off stage I was worried about missing a note, breaking a string (I was a bassist back then), forgetting a section or even passing out for that matter. But once I got on stage and heard my friends roar in support I forgot all my worries and I was relaxed…but still excited ofcourse!
The right word to describe it would be ‘amazing’ actually…I honestly didn’t want to get off stage that day haha!

JZ: How about telling us a little information about your band… that would be great for those who don't know of you.

Alright then, Bam and I founded the band in 2007 and we were just messing around to be honest. Just the two of us get together and cover some of our favorite songs. In 2008 we met Sherry at an event in his school, funny story actually Bam and I were thinking of completing the band and I told him we need to find a drummer as soon as possible, and right at that point we heard sherry play the drums on stage. Speak of the devil eh?
So I picked up bass since we couldn’t find any bassists here and through auditions Ozi became our rhythm guitarist. We had that lineup till early 2010 when Ozi left the band to continue his studies in Pakistan. Joel, who was our high school friend, replaced him. Then about a few months ago we auditioned Alfred and he replaced me as bassist so I could go back to full time keyboards!

JZ: Now you're playing in the UAE, what future do you visualize for your band? What is the ultimate goal?

UAE’s music scene is growing…no matter how slow but it still is…we have new bands emerging every few months and almost all of them are great…I visualize a good future for Apeira…we are all serious about this. It would be a shame to not utilize the time and creativity we have to make something of ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to just have fun and give the people who support us what they want!

JZ: So, your album is almost finished, it will be ready in 2012. What do you expect? Are you scared that people won't like it, or, are you confident about it? Are these points even important to you?

Most probably yes it will be ready by the end of 2012 although we aren’t in a hurry to finish it…we are having a great time composing and recording and playing live and on top of that we want to perfect our music before releasing it. We sound different than majority of the bands in the middle east and there could be a chance that people wont like it but that doesn’t bother us…we do the best we can for our love of music and honestly we got so much positive feedback from a lot of people and that’s all we need to motivate us!

JZ: What do you think about metal in the UAE? Do you think that there's any future for metal and underground bands there?

Absolutely, Metal is growing here and in just a matter of time we will have a bigger community who enjoys and supports the local talent…right now we aren’t quite there but im sure people will come together soon in the spirit of support for the local talent here.

JZ: This is the last question: Do you have anything else to add about Metal in the Middle East?

I love the fact that the music scene here has become so huge in such a short time and there are many bands who represent our region with their music to the rest of the world…thanks to these bands we are getting some exposure to the global music scene and it could mean better opportunities for underground bands in the years to come…and all the metalheads who support the scene and the bands…a million thanks to them. Hopefully we can get up there and help spread the word that us Middle Eastern musicians will leave our mark!
Thanks for the interview, I appreciate it! Keep up the great work guys all the bands and metalheads here owe JorZine a lot!


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