JorZine - Interview with Epica

Interview with Epica

Band: Epica

By: Moustapha Laithy - 2013-04-24

JorZine, as media partners of Dubai Rock Fest 2013, are making a series of interviews with the bands that will participate in this event. Reporter "Moustapha Laithy" has conducted the following interview with Coen Janssen, keyboardist of the Dutch Symphonic Metal band EPICA.



1. As we all know EPICA, and as it doesn't need to introduce the band or even pop the introducing question, but as the tradition goes, how would you describe EPICA, what is EPICA about and how do you manage the epicness Comes from EPICA?


EPICA is a female fronted Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands. EPICA is about making the music we love and dealing with serious subjects in their lyrics. Our epicness comes to live mostly on stage where we try to give 200% each time and create a party for the fans.


2. Could you tell us how the band started, and brief it's journey through the past ten years?


The band was founded 10 years ago by Mark Jansen when he left AFTER FOREVER. We released 5 studio albums a DVD and live-material, we played every major venue and (Metal) festival around the world and we have grown to become one of the top-acts in our genre worldwide. We toured Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia and played around 50 countries. Luckily that list is growing since we all really love to see all parts of the world.


3. It's been noticed lately, that EPICA celebrated their 10th anniversary with "The Retrospect", before any happy anniversary, so can you express the "Retrospect" experience, and how you've got the live streaming idea as it's wickedness?


"Retrospect" was our dream come true! Celebrating our 10th anniversary with a 70 pice symphonic orchestra and choir together with 5000 fans from all over the world. This night was just magical and every thing we worked for so hard came together. The idea for the stream came from our manager, a great idea to have fans from the other side of the world enjoy the show as well. About 2000 people watched the stream.


4. Since 2002 you've been providing a hell of Symphonic music, with extra harmony within the band members, what is the story behind this?


We have always made the music we like, without compromise. I guess that is why we still are called a Metal band and haven't commercialized our music into Rock music.


5. Now moving to the Middle East, as you’re going to perform at Dubai this upcoming 7th June, is it the first time for EPICA to perform in the region? How it feels for EPICA to perform in the Middle East?


Well, we played a few shows in Israel and one in Tunisia, but I guess that is different than Dubai right?! Anyway, I am looking forward to it very much since I heard a lot of stories about Dubai. As I said before, we all love to travel and see the world. This is another opportunity to learn about different people and to meet the fans, which makes you a better person in my opinion.


6. Can we get to know the upcoming concert in Dubai set-list?


If you come to see the show you will know!


7. What is EPICA expecting from the Middle Eastern fans? And what should your fans and the audience expect from EPICA at Dubai Rock Festival?


Fans can expect a hell of a party. We expect the fans to party with us!


8. Are you familiar with the Middle Eastern acts that will be performing at Dubai's Rock Fest (ANURYZM and MYRATH)?


To be honest, I don't really know them, but I will surely check them out on the festival.


9. What are the band's future plans? Are you currently working on a new album?


First we are going to release our live DVD for Retrospect, after that we will play some festivals in summer and after summer we will start recording a new album which we will release next year.


10. Do you have something to say to the Middle Eastern bands and fans?


Thanks for the support and hope to see you all at the festival!!!



Dubai Rock Fest 2013 is bringing some of the greatest Rock/Metal bands from all over the world to the United Arab Emirates. The event, which will take place on Friday 7th June at Dubai World Trade Center Arena, will be headlined by the Swedish-born US-based guitar maestro YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. Other participating bands are the Swedish Melodic Death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY, the Dutch Symphonic Metal band EPICA, Tunisian Oriental metallers MYRATH, French Heavy Metal act NIGHTMARE and the local Progressive Metal band ANURYZM.

More information about the event is available clicking HERE or at the festival's Official Website


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