JorZine - Interview with Jo Amore

Interview with Jo Amore

Band: Nightmare

By: Amir Kourosh - 2013-05-13

JorZine, as media partners of Dubai Rock Fest 2013, are making a series of interviews with the bands that will participate in this event. Reporter "Amir Kourosh" has conducted the following interview with Jo Amore, vocalist of the French Heavy Metal band NIGHTMARE.



- For those who haven't heard about NIGHTMARE before... how would you introduce the band to them?


The band started in the beginning of the 80’s and evolved through the time and is , today, the perfect mix in between power and harmony.


- The band released one year ago its latest album titled "The Burden of God". How has been the fans reaction so far?


This new album receive a very good feedback from our public. It's completing the evolution of our music.


- After releasing a couple of albums in the 80s, the band went on hiatus during the 90s. What could you tell us about this period?


In the end it haven't been negative, because all members played in other bands and I personally improved my skill during this period. We finally realised that NIGHTMARE had to come back...


- In the late 90s, the band came back to life with you, the band's long-time drummer, handling the vocal duties. How did this change affected the band's music?


In 1999 I was supposed to be the drummer but Jean Marie’s loss changed our plans. It was a real challenge for me because Jean-Marie was a fucking good singer... But today I think my voice is one of the things that makes NIGHTMARE so particular.


- One of the band's highlights is your versatile voice, which ranges from high-pitched angry roars to melodic chant. In my opinion, you have some similarities with two Rock music icons: Tim "Ripper" Owens and Paul Stanley. Which are your main influences as a vocalist? Have you ever been compared with any of these vocalists?

I took my main influences from singers like Russel Allen and Jorn Lande but from the beginning I am a real fan of Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale...


- Which differences and which similarities do you find between the 80's era and the current NIGHTMARE?


NIGHTMARE starts in the 80's but hopefully our music evolved with us. Now, young blood joins the party, Franck and Matt bring a modern and aggressive touch to our solid experience. I think we only keep the good things from our beginnings and take the best from today’s influences.


- While in the 80s many world-known Metal bands raised from other European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Switzerland or Italy, but it wasn't the same with French bands (except you and your compatriots Trust). What could you tell us about the French scene in the 80s? Which differences do you find between your country's scene and the scene from the rest of Europe?


I remember, when we decided to sing in English , all French media told us we were in the wrong way. The time gaves us reason. NIGHTMARE still exists today because of our international fans.


- You are going to perform at the first edition of DUBAI ROCK FEST alongside some Metal icons such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Epica, Dark Tranquillity and many others. What do you expect from this concert? 


It’s a real honor for us to play in Dubai , to get over a new ground, a new public and give a great show for them and for us.


- Are you familiar with the Middle Eastern acts that are going to perform on the same stage with you in Dubai (Myrath from Tunisia and Anuryzm from Dubai)? What are your expectations towards these bands?


We already played with Myrath in different European big fests and we appreciate their music and behavior. I personaly love the way they use their roots influences to make Myrath so interesting.


- Is this your first time in the Middle East? Do you have any plans to perform in the region again?


It’s the first time but I think not the last... but so far nothing planned.


- What are the band's future plans? 


We have some summer fests and after that we will start to work on our brand new album.


- Thanks a lot for this interview. If you want to add anything, just go ahead!


NIGHTMARE always gives the best! Join us in Dubai Rock Fest and live the experience!



Dubai Rock Fest 2013 is bringing some of the greatest Rock/Metal bands from all over the world to the United Arab Emirates. The event, which will take place on Friday 7th June at Dubai World Trade Center Arena, will be headlined by the Swedish-born US-based guitar maestro YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. Other participating bands are the Swedish Melodic Death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY, the Dutch Symphonic Metal band EPICA, Tunisian Oriental metallers MYRATH, French Heavy Metal act NIGHTMARE and the local Progressive Metal band ANURYZM.


More information about the event is available clicking HERE or at the festival's Official Website


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