JorZine - Interview with Anuryzm

Interview with Anuryzm

Band: Anuryzm

By: Rak Hiasat - 2013-06-03

JorZine, as media partners of Dubai Rock Fest 2013, are making a series of interviews with the bands that will participate in this event. Reporter "Rak Hiasat" has conducted the following interview with Miltiadis Kyvernitis and Jay Jahed, guitarist and keyboardist of the UAE-based Progressive Metal band ANURYZM



1. Could you tell us about the formation of the band, and how you guys turned from a friends group to a music band?


MILTIADIS: Well, basically John (lead guitars, main composer) and Nadeem (vocals) went to school together many years ago. Then, John moved around trying to get ANURYZM off the ground and fine tuning his skills. Eventually, he moved back to the UAE, got in touch with Nadeem and Martin Lopez [ex-OPETH, SOEN], and enlisted me to produce their debut album. And after getting to know the guys and the music a little better, I’ve become the rhythm guitarist for the band. Rami was invited to play session bass on the record. Imad (drums) and Jay (synths) soon came on board as well. Despite different roles, guest musicians, session players for live and studio recordings and so on, this is the core ANURYZM family and the music band turned us into a group of friends, not vice versa.


2. I guess you've got a quite wide range of influences. What could you tell us about them?


MILTIADIS: Well, considering we each have similar and different tastes, there's a whole variety of influences. Added up, you're looking at a very wide range of music from the Classical Era and 20th century, all the way through to 90’s metal, electronic and experimental music. Personally, I'm heavily influenced by the flawlessness of Beethoven’s music and the huge pioneering sound of Metallica. I also enjoy listening to Michael Jackson, A Perfect Circle, A Crimson Armada…


JAY: My influences are also very diverse, all the way from 80's to new age music, across many different types and genres. I’ve also been influenced by a lot of classical music back in my early years. But generally, for my playing style with ANURYZM, I am mainly influenced by Dream Theater, Symphony X, Savatage, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, etc.


3. Can you tell us more about your relationship with Melodic Revolution Records and what are you guys planning for the future?


JAY: They were vital in helping us reach a wider audience across the world. They're very professional, easy to deal with, and great at what they do. And I love the way they’ve been able to bring in very talented artists and put them all under one roof. Their roster includes artists which are not necessarily your traditional Rock and Metal bands, and I think we are the heaviest ones on there, but they all have amazing talent and great music. In fact, I encourage everyone to go check out some of them on


4. I've always been curious about your band's name. Is there any story behind it?


JAY: The name is a play on words, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not an allegory to the medical term “Aneurism”, and we didn’t pick it up from Nirvana. It’s just amerging of the words ‘A New Rhythm’, which in fact represent the new, honest, and different style of music that we make.


5. How did you get Martin Lopez, OPETH's former drummer, to participate in your debut album?


MILTIADIS: John sent Martin some demos as they were chatting about music and he liked them, so John asked him to get involved and Martin said yes. We also got Uri Dijk (synths with Textures) to appear as a guest on “Breaking the Ballot”, since John is also a big fan of his work.


6. What can you tell us about your upcoming concert in Dubai as part of Dubai Rock Festival's line up? How do you feel about sharing the stage with Metal music heavyweights such as YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, EPICA or MYRATH?


MILTIADIS: All hell's gonna break loose! That's all I can say about it. We're all really looking forward to performing for the fans and really letting the music out, and it's been a long while!


JAY: Well, Yngwie made a huge mark in my life; he’s one of my all-time favorite musicians, and I am greatly honored and excited to be sharing the stage with him. I’m also looking forward to watching Epica. And I also just recently got acquainted with Myrath's music, and I loved it! They remind me of the music I used to make with my previous band Dilemma. I’m really looking forward to playing there.


7. What do you think about the Middle Eastern Metal scene nowadays?


MILTIADIS: I've been highly involved in the music and arts scene in the U.A.E. for a good 12 years now, and I can honestly say that though there has been great progress with the quality of music within the genres, there still seems to be some sort of stagnancy on the support side of things; especially with promoters, event organizers, and, and, and... We’ve received tons of great feedback from the Middle East in general, but somehow here in U.A.E. the response has been average. And I think that it is a direct result of the lack of proper interaction between people that work in the scene and those that presumably support it.


JAY: Also, if you look at the region as a whole, I think that promoters and event organizers are focusing more on mainstream music and bringing artists from overseas, rather than trying to promote their local independent acts. And as usual, Rock and Metal music always falls to the bottom of that list. In order for this to change, supporters need to be a little more vocal about it and need to get involved more than ever if they wish to see some progressive changes take place.


MILTIADIS: At the end of the day, we create music, we’re happy doing it and we know what we do is right, and we are doing our part at promoting the music and the region overseas. We aren’t really phased out by what happens around us in this scene or in any other scene. We are really fortunate to be in the position that we are thanks to the people from all over the world that let us know how much they love our music. We’ve also been able to build solid relationships with bands, managers, session players, agencies, and more, outside the Middle East. Doors are slowly opening for us and I think our fans are going to be blown away once they hear the next record.


8. Any final words for ANURYZM fans from all over the world?


JAY: Thanks for all your kind support! You can expect to be seeing more of us in the near future as our new album comes out post summer. If you’re in Dubai on June 7th, then definitely come and check us out at the Dubai Rock Fest, and also check out the other amazing bands on the bill. It’s going to be an amazing night filled with eclectic music! Hope to see you all there!



Dubai Rock Fest 2013 is bringing some of the greatest Rock/Metal bands from all over the world to the United Arab Emirates. The event, which will take place on Friday 7th June at Dubai World Trade Center Arena, will be headlined by the Swedish-born US-based guitar maestro YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. Other participating bands are the Swedish Melodic Death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY, the Dutch Symphonic Metal band EPICA, Tunisian Oriental metallers MYRATH, French Heavy Metal act NIGHTMARE and the local Progressive Metal band ANURYZM.

More information about the event is available clicking HERE or at the festival's Official Website


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