JorZine - Interview with Rabble Of Heaven

Interview with Rabble Of Heaven

Band: Rabble of Heaven

By: Ali Atef - 2013-07-08

Iranian Groove metallers RABBLE OF HEAVEN have recently released a mind-blowing album titled "It's Time To Play Your Blood", which has taken them to the place they deserve in their country's Metal scene. We had a nice chat with the guys of the band, where they told us about the band's early days, the challenges Iranian Metal bands have to face and many other things.



1 - Greetings Rabble of Heaven! Why don’t we start of with a brief history of the band and how you came to be?


Our band was formed on 2004, after Ashkan and Cain met each other. They started to work together and covered some songs from some bands. After a while, Ashkan’s cousin Shayan joined them and continued covering. After a short time, the first songs were written and we three were ready for recording them with Cain as bassist and vocalist, Ashkan as guitarist, Shayan as guitarist and themdrums were sampled. After a short pause just because of some problems, the band’s first single was released on the internet through social networks; and it was called "Destructive Screams". After getting really positive feedback from other Iranian metal bands, we just decided to record a full album named “Solve Us By Your Guns” which was released on October 2009. After the first album was released, we decided to complete the band’s line up and we started to play with some talented musicians and finally Mher and Farzin joined us as drummer and bass player. We started rehearsals and writing the second album’s riffs and lyrics at the beginning of 2011. We recorded all lines and the second album “It’s Time To Pay Your Blood” was finally released on April 2013.


2 - What is the story behind the band name ‘Rabble of Heaven’?


We tried many names for the band and just because we were playing up on a mixed name, finally Cain suggested “Rabble Of Heaven”. The name imparts the social oppositions and it means: protest even under the best conditions.


3 - How do all the band members know each other?


Cain and Ashkan were classmates at high school. Shayan is Ashkan’s cousin. Mher was introduced by some of our friends and Farzin was Mher’s former band mate.


4 - What motivated you guys to pick up your instruments? Who are your inspirations, influences and role models?


The first and the main cause is our affection for metal music. An affection that was made up in our head for loving bands like Death, Pantera, Slipknot, Lamb of god, Children of Bodom, In flames and these bands are our main influences.


5 - According to your biography you started a long time ago and had a falling out but recovered. What exactly helped you recover?


As we told before, the good feedback of our first single track gave us the energy and motivation, as well as the new written songs; because those songs were the same we were dreaming to have. Indeed we could find the style we were trying to get.


6 - Who does the composition and the lyrics primarily in the band?


Ashkan writes the songs and Cain writes lyrics although other members tell their opinion about songs and lyrics and changes will be done.


7 - Is there any underlying message or meaning behind your lyrics?

Yes! Of course! The main topic and the message of the lyrics is protest. The protest against war, wrong politics, lies, TV, poverty and the people who never rise against these conditions. Some lyrics are about members’ personal lives, just like the song “These Sunless Days” from our first album.


8 - Hailing from Iran, we are particularly curious about the music scene there...could you tell us a little about that?


What is currently happening for Iranian metal musicians is just a disaster! We have many talented musicians here, but the bitter fact is that the music belongs to rich people in Iran. Just because of high price of instruments, rehearsal places and recording time; so these problems won’t let talented guys we know, release their stuff. But society’s point of view about a metal musician is another and even bigger problem. If you make metal music in Iran, the average people think of you as a satanic guy! Iranian society can’t hold what we do in metal music while we’re just producing some kind of music and don’t worshiping Satan!


9 - I’m sure you have encountered a number of problems and opposition doing what you do in Iran, how did you overcome these challenges?


Love of metal music helps us to overcome the problems. We have to endure all anti-metal music behaviors and for financial problems, we have to do the second job for paying band’s expenses.


10 - I have heard your tracks and we are wondering, which one is your favorite and why?


Every member of band has a different selection but we believe the songs “It’s Time To Pay Your Blood” and “Social Grave” are our most professional ones.


11 - Have you played any shows outside Iran? If yes, tell us about them.


Not yet! But we’re gonna play some live concerts in Georgia and in other abutting countries soon.


12 - Last question, If you guys could pick any band to play alongside...which band would it be and why?


Sure! The choices are too much but Lamb of god and Slipknot are the bands we wish to play along; although if Pantera was still working, playing with Pantera and Cannibal Corpse could be a big chance and a sweet dream.


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