JorZine - Interview with Moscho

Interview with Moscho

Band: Dizziness

By: Sama Shahrouri - 2013-07-12

JorZine's reporter Sama Shahrouri recently caught up with Moscho, the guitarist of the Greek Black Metal band DIZZINESS. They discussed about Greek Metal, the underground scene and about what he calls "Epic War Like Black Metal Storm".



1.- So first, congratulations on the new album, we’ve spun it around a good number of times here, and let me tell you, you’ve lifted the Greek metal scene’s head up high. And speaking of which, tell me a bit about it now.. the metal scene in Greece that is. The fans, the bands, the connections, etc…how is it?


The metal scene in Greece is growing every day. Greece since the 80’s has produced numerous bands of all kinds. Some managed to make a breakthrough and some not. We have made some friendships with some bands especially in the black metal sound and some in death. Here in Greece most bands support each other so you can see there many splits and gigs happening among friends. The crowd in Greece is fantastic one of the most powerful and crazy fans in the world, loyal to their favorite bands.

2.- Looking at the difficult economical situation there.. how does this affect your artistic career? And is it possible for you as a band to live off on your music? How difficult is it to do so?


No it not easy, nearly impossible to live from music alone, most of the musicians are doing music as a hobby for that reason and they hope for the best. There is a little promotion from the companies and the media because most of them that are into that music are underground labels or e-zines that have no budget to do more, of course there are exceptions, but most of the work is done by them.

3.- In addition to your replies to the former questions, how did you form a fanbase? was it difficult?


We started the band as a hobby. We wrote some songs, we recorded them and at the begging only friends had the opportunity to listen to that material. They were the ones to encourage us to promote our music further, so we made a myspace page, a facebook and then ezines, magazines and ordinary people approached us and told us that they liked us. Since then we are growing steadily our fan base.

4.- And how does the public receive your music? are you mostly praised by your fans, or by your musical peers?

We are fortunate to have only positive feedback up to now, and that is what it keeps us going, both fans and people that work in the music business had very positive comments about us because, as they say, we remind them the good old Greek Black Metal days.


5.- Now let’s get into the more technical side, tell me a bit about your writing process and the themes that revolve around your music.


The writing process is a random situation. We don’t say now I will write a song and its done, in my case I just jam and ideas come, if an idea is good I keep it then im working on a full song or I give it to Pyriflegethon to help me if im stuck. Me and Pyriflegethon are in charge of writing our material we have a connection that I think it works, sometimes also Yngve contributes to the writing process but mostly its me and Pyriflegethon.

6.- Your top 6 inspirtational bands are?


Rotting Christ, Naer Mataron, Kawir, Amon Amarth, Satyricon, Varathron.

7.- Now that the album is out, do you have any plans regarding the promotional side of music? As in... Do you have any live shows planned out?


We did some promotion along side with our company Apocalyptic Arts and we had a good response, we also plan for a couple of live shows in October and November.

8.- What's your take on the future of the band as well as the future of the metal scene in Greece? Where do you see yourself in 5 year?


We just released our first full album and we all ready have material for an upcoming split release with Mortuus Caelum, Morbid Fog and Enoid. As you see we don’t relax we produce new material all the time and try to stay on our standards. In five years I hope DIZZINESS is a bigger band with many releases and a constant, strong live act, with greater number of fans.

9.- If you could decribe DIZZINESS to our readers in one sentence, what would it be?


Epic War Like Black Metal Storm, or as the title of one of our songs Polemos (war in Greek)


10.- Since we are a Middle Eastern Metal webzine, we must ask you the following question: Do you know or have you ever listened to any bands from the Middle East? Who were they are and what are your thoughts about them?


To be honest im not familiar with any bands from the middle east except ORPHAND LAND, who are very talented and inspirational musicians.


11.- Any final words for our readers?


Thanks for all of your support, we continue to make the music we love and we hope that you all like it, and I hope to meet you all one day.


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