JorZine - Interview with Ascendant

Interview with Ascendant

Band: Ascendant

By: Zaid Mousa - 2014-05-14

JorZine, as media partners of Dubai Rock Fest 2014, are making a series of interviews with the bands that will participate in this event. Reporter Zaid Mousa has conducted the following interview with Ashish Shetty, guitarist of the UAE-based Heavy Metal band ASCENDANT



1. First of all, could you tell us about the formation of the band and about the band itself?

Hi Zaid. First of all, thank you for having us on and giving us a chance to talk about our music. We formed in early 2013. Alaa (guitars) wanted to restart his older band '202' and he approached Puneet (bass). Since I was relatively new to the UAE at that time, Puneet brought me along. The three of us clicked instantly – and we decided to form a new band altogether. After many, many many, auditions we found the perfect drummer in Aram. Shortly after that we found Youmni who was the perfect fit for vocals.

2. Regarding the band's name, how did you choose it?

We were struggling to come up with a good band name for the longest time. One day, quite by accident, Alaa saw the lyrics page for a song 'Ascendant' I had written for my other band – and he suggested we use that as our band name. It's different from the standard Metal band names, so we settled on that. 

3. Since you are a Heavy Metal band founded in the 21st century, I want to ask you about your influences. What could you tell us about them?

We have a pretty diverse range of influences. Each member brings something different, but some of the bands are – IRON MAIDEN, SAVATAGE, JUDAS PRIEST, DREAM THEATER, QUEENSRYCHE, QUEEN, WHITESNAKE, etc

4. You have released a video clip, but there are no albums so far. Is there any news regarding your upcoming debut album?

Yes, we're planning on releasing our first album before the end of this year. We already have about 7 songs ready. Once a few more are composed, we are good to go!

5. You have recently opened for the Swedish Rock band EUROPE when they performed in Dubai. What could you tell us about your experience when opening for such a legend?

Opening for EUROPE was a fantastic experience. They're one of the greatest Glam Metal bands from the 80's and we're all fans! The crowd was fantastic and we had a lots of fun.

6. You are going to perform in DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL 2014, sharing the stage with bands from all over the world. How are you preparing this concert? How does it feel to perform in your homeland in front of such a huge audience?

We are very very excited about the DUBAI ROCK FESTIVAL. There are a wide variety of bands coming down. It's going to be the biggesst Metal festival this year, in Dubai. We've been preparing for the last few weeks – regular rehearsals, finalizing new songs, etc. Frankly, we can't wait!

7. Since you play in a band from the Middle East, could you tell us what do you think about our region's Metal scene?

The metal scene here is on the verge of really becoming something bigger. The fans are great and are passionate about music. There's a lot of good talent here as well. Artists and music lovers need to keep the scene active, and start spreading the word beyond the Middle East – the music has the potential to go global!

8. It's nice to me to interview you. If you want to add anything, go ahead! 

Thank you, again, for having us. We hope to see you all at our upcoming gigs. It's going to be a crazy party and one hell of a Rock festival. Cheers!


After a great performance of five international bands last year and huge crowd from all over the GCC countries, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and India who flew over to attend the show, DUBAI ROCK FEST is back this year with a new international line up. 


The event will take place on Friday 23rd May at Al Nasr Leisureland in Dubai, UAE and will be headlined by French Heavy Metal monsters NIGHTMARE, who will be back in town with a new album after last year's unforgettable show. They will be supported by French Thrash/Death metallers LOUDBLAST, UAE's number one Metal band NERVECELL, Indian Extreme Metal masters DEMONIC RESURRECTION and local Heavy metallers ASCENDANT. The latest addition to the line up are Portuguese Gothic metallers HEAVENWOOD, who have been around the scene since the early 90s.

More information about the event is available clicking HERE


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