JorZine - Interview with Thomas Zwijsen

Interview with Thomas Zwijsen

Band: Thomas Zwijsen

By: Rodi Hennawi - 2014-09-08

THOMAS ZWIJSEN is a writer, producer and lead guitarist. But he is best known for his arrangements of famous Rock, Metal and Pop songs for classical solo guitar. With these arrangements he has gained over 5 million viewers on YouTube. Being a huge fan of IRON MAIDEN, his first solo album titled "Nylon Maiden" contains 11 unique arrangements of the band's songs. Apart from this, he has worked closely with the band's former vocalist Blaze Bailey, touring with him and collaborating on two of his albums.


Since he will perform in Dubai on 7th November for the launch of his upcoming album "Nylon Maiden II", we didn't want to miss the chance to interview him.



1. Are you excited to come back to Dubai?

I sure am looking forward to coming back to this impressive city!

2. Why did you choose Dubai to launch your second album "Nylon Maiden II"?

I was already working on "Nylon Maiden II" when the guys from Metal Asylum contacted me for a show in Dubai. I didn’t decide the release date for "Nylon Maiden II" yet, but at that moment I realized the 7th of November would be a great release date. At this show I’ll play the new arrangements live for the first time and the album will be sold world-wide from this day on!

3. What tracks we expect to hear in "Nylon Maiden II" and will the album be available at Metal Asylum gig?

The album contains 13 songs. 10 by IRON MAIDEN, one by UFO and 2 composed by me. This is the track listing: Doctor Doctor - Different World - These Colors Don't Run - Revelations - Judas Be My Guide - Flight Of Icarus - Nylon Madness - The Thin Line Between Love & Hate - Hallowed Be Thy Name - No Prayer For The Dying - The Dream Is True - Alexander The Great - Journeyman. The Metal Asylum gig will be the first gig where the new album is sold! Also people who pre-ordered (which we love) will not get the album before this date.

4. Did you name your guitars?

Yes I did. Not all of them, cause I have 32 of them now. At the Metal Asylum show I’ll probably be playing the "Jade". Suggestions for names are always welcome, since some of them are still nameless.

5. Would you like ever to play with IRON MAIDEN itself on the stage and have you ever tried?

I would of course absolute love that! I havent tried yet, but of course I’ve been playing hundreds of shows with former IRON MAIDEN frontman Blaze Bayley. Also I talked with Janick Gers about "Nylon Maiden".

6. Any tour planned for "Nylon Maiden II" beside the launch in Dubai?

Yes, there’s a show in Sweden coming up, a big festival in Germany and a show in Belgium. In December I’ll start a South American tour, and in April a European tour.


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