JorZine - Interview with Nader Sadek - Part II

Interview with Nader Sadek - Part II

Band: Nader Sadek

By: Ahmed Ali Atteya - 2015-08-16

So as promised, we caught up with NADER SADEK while he was in the USA doing his thing with the final preparations for the 17th September's event in Cairo, Egypt. Alongside with ABORTED, ALKALOID and SALLOS, he will be making another appearance. This time Nader and JorZine decided to bring you a deeper look upon the next gig and how it goes inside the malefic's mind. He will walk us through his motives for doing this sudden comeback and what are his views about the whole thing. Trust me ... it's a big load of fun.


You can read the first part of the interview clicking HERE



1. Congrats on the huge announcement! Really what an impact it had.


Nader: Thanks man!


2. How did you manage to get a band as big as ABORTED to play in Egypt?


Nader: I haven't yet, haha, but to be honest it was my drummer Hannes' idea, since Danny Tunker (ALKALOID's guitarist) also plays in ABORTED. The idea was to bring another band first, but I really wanted to bring ALKALOID too since, Hannes and Chrisitan are playing with me, bring ABORTED too, and this way, it works out quite well. All three projects have for lack of a better disruption: an incestuous relationship (musically speaking of course).


My other impetus for doing this was.. Dubai! I mean, I don't mind Dubai being a main attraction when it comes to Middle Eastern Metal. But sorry, not the Metal hub of the Middle East. Not while I'm alive… I say it loud and say it clear: It started here (in Egypt) and it will always be the beacon to what has been and what's there to come!


3. Was getting ALKALOID to play in Egypt through your friendship with Hannes?


Nader: Hannes, Chris and also Florian (singer of DARK FORTRESS), I met Florian with Hannes at Neurotic DeathFest and we got along immediately.


4. How about SALLOS? What grabbed your attention from its music?


Nader: SALLOS is fronted by Adham Donj, who I have to say is probably the most passionate Metal musician I know. When I heard SALLOS I was blown away by the fervor. I've told him its not the most original material out there. He wears his influences on his sleeves and that's not abnormal in Metal. But I'm excited to see where he will take SALLOS next, and I hope that this opportunity will move him forward.


5. Many fans were concerned that the gig might be "too heavy" as it has a Black Metal band and three Death Metal bands. What's your take on that concern?


Nader: No such thing as too heavy ;)


6. Sakkia always was the place for renowned Metal gigs, but since you came to Egypt's scene fans felt it's a piece of cake for you to convince the chairmen of the venue to host Brutal Death Metal acts like yours and the upcoming September's bands. How did it go with the first event and this one? You owe your fans a magic revelation!


Nader: We have to thank Wevil (Ossama "I call him Bin laden" Ahmed) as he -i believe- got the ball rolling at Sakia. I just saw an opportunity, and if you know me well, when I see an opportunity... I take advantage ASAP.


7. In general, do you believe in diversity among the bands playing a Metal night? And if you were to put together a "super cool Metal fest", who would you contact and put together if you have the access to speak to ALL the bands around?


Nader: I do have the access… the problem is the money with the flights. If I'm bringing a band from Brazil, well... the flights per person I think are over 1000 dollars, now I can't be losing insane amounts of money like that. I mean, if I lose 1000 pounds, I can get over it, but if I lose more than that.. There's no way I can continue, its not about making money. Its about making an event where you don't LOSE money.


8. Honestly, how many people do you expect will show up, built on that it's very easy to press "Going" on any given event? Let's talk facts.


Nader: No idea, and speculation drives me nuts, I'm hoping 1000


9. Are you married? Walk us through the most hilariously bad relationship you've been through.


Nader: No. Thanks!


10. JorZine now is officially the media partner of the event and as for me I like to be an insider not just a reporter, I'm looking forward to that day myself to be honest. Will there be any surprises that day or should we expect it like: "We're here to rock your socks off and leave!" kinda thing?


Nader: Something I haven't announced yet is that ATTILA will be returning, and being integrated in my set even more. He will be singing on some more songs, as well as his VOID OV VOICES intermezzos.


11. Imagine a window that gives you vision over all your fans and you're allowed only to tell them this one thing. As harshly truthful, straight forward, weird as it can get... What will they hear you say?


Nader: I make jokes that only I understand and make most feel awkward. But last time seems people got the joke and laughed, so maybe ill become a stand up comedian.


12. Thanks a million again man for your time and cooperation.


Nader: Thank YOU. Let's make this scene!!


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