JorZine - Interview With Charbbel Hadad From Eden

Interview With Charbbel Hadad From Eden

Band: Eden

By: Ali Siklawi - 2016-07-21

Ali: Hey Charbel, so we all saw how eden rocked the stage last night, and everybody said that the new lineup is way more better than the old one, you fit eachothers well. It was a great performance, keep it up.

So the first question is, what will eden deliver to their fans after this hell event and how is it going with your ep?

Charbel: First i'd like to say that i'm glad that the fans think that this current line-up is giving a stronger punch than before and a big thank you to all those who attended and supported us especially the bands. As for what will be delivered, we will do no performances until the finalizing of the EP since there are a couple of track that we would love to include in our next performances.


Ali: Sounds promising, how many tracks you recorded until now?


Charbel: The official recording process will start around this week, We've been simply editing the originals for now adding some bits here and there and working on the sounds with the guys at N-Jam.


Ali: When you will finish the record and release you album, will you share the stage with other bands or it's just Eden?


Charbel: This is something i was just discussing with the guys and i guess that we would definitely like to share the stage with other bands from the scene and we have a couple of bands in mind that we would like to ask. but all in good time.


Ali: That's the spirit, now far away from live events and yesterday's performence, when i read your lyrics i feel like it's kind of hard to understand your message or let's say the concept of the track, well at least i do because you explained once but do u guarentee that your message will be 100% delivered right to your fans and they will understand what you really want to say?


Charbel: No guarantees what so ever. This is the metal scene we're talking about here and in that very scene people usually take your words literally and don't understand the main concept. I do hope that they would understand the concept and not take it in the wrong way.


Ali: So you're not afraid that maybe it will have let's say a side effect on a part of your fans?
Charbel: Of course. I mean giving thought to the songs and lyrics and making sure there is that one message i mean, you really don't want the fans to get you wrong but most of the time they do. I guess it comes with the job and you can't do anything about them. Also goes back to your education i suppose. I'll give you the dumbest most over used example; "Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2" When the children start yelling we don't need no education... I mean you read posts about that every day how "schools don't prepare you for life but they actually brainwash you" These people are not reading between the lines. This is what actually gives metal a bad reputation at times "The fans sending a bad message and image to the media"


Ali: Thats right, like these kids who go to the streets and start to spray "Fuck the gov" "Fuck education" well we all hope they wont be such fans for Eden or any other band here.
Now we start the 5 fast questions, you ready?

Charbel: I hope the Eden fan base is nothing like that, and yes i guess i'm ready, so shoot.


Ali: 1- What album influences you the most?


Charbel: Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones.


Ali: 2- What talents do you have other than a vocalist? 



Charbel: I play guitar, bass, piano and i also paint. I sometimes do logos in my free time.


Ali: 3- If you were a super hero what powers would you have?


Charbel: Da hell?...


Ali: 4- What types of holidays do you prefer?


Charbel: Short ones.


Ali: 5- Are you enjoying this interview?


Charbel: everything except the last couple questions haha.

Ali: Hahaha.

Okay so, how many tracks do you have in your EP?

Charbel: So far it's just 6 tracks.

Ali: Where do you guys record? and do you want to sing a label?


Charbel: We'll be recording at The N-Jam Music School Studio with the help of our good friend Elias Njeim. As for getting signed with a record company; we would love that but like i said before, all in good time.


Ali: Best of luck mate, are you satisfied with what you've recorded until now?


Charbel: I'll be satisfied when we finish the recording and release the EP but i am happy with what's happening right now.


Ali: Can't wait to listen to them!
Thank you for your time Charbel, i really enjoyed the chat, hope you'll finish recording soon, best of luck.


Charbel: Thank you so much for your time and hope to have another chat with the rest of the members with us.


*This Interview Its A Corporation Between JoScene And JorZine.


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