JorZine - Interview with Voice of The Soul

Interview with Voice of The Soul

Band: Voice of The Soul

By: Rana Atef - 2016-11-07

This Month, Metalheads lovers in Dubai have the chance to attend one of the strongest concerts in the UAE, Metal Mania II. Although the founders are from India and Lebanon, they resident in the UAE as enrichment for the local scene in the UAE. Jorzine interviewed the Progressive Death Metal band Voice of The Soul before its participation in Metal Mania II.


-Rana: How did you find the idea of participating in the second concert of Metal Mania II ?

Kareem: We’re definitely excited about playing again. It’s been over two years since we last played in Dubai! We’ve shared the stage with Ascendent and AKB before, so we’re looking forward to hanging out with them again.


-Rana: Your last show to perform in Dubai was with the Polish death metallers Vader, and it got cancelled how that felt? Especially that as a Death metal band performing with such a huge band is a big thing, tell us about it.



Kareem: Well, it sucked! It’s really sad how these things don’t work out sometimes. We had some old friends flying in from Kuwait too, so we weren’t the only ones very disappointed. Everyone was, obviously: the bands, the fans, the organizers…shit happens!


-Rana: How do you see the scene in the Middle East nowadays?


Kareem: The Middle East isn’t just one scene. Each country has different situations. Lebanon, for example, had a huge slump, but things are looking better there. Dubai is consistent, but unlike Lebanon, it has tons of regulations. I think what matters is that everyone is transparent with each other; the fans, the musicians, the organizers…etc. Metal has small scene regardless of where you are in the entire world, so you’re going to have to make sure everyone supports each other and so on.


-Rana: Why did you choose this kind of genre of music to play?


Kareem: Metal is fun. It’s not all we play or listen to, but pulling off a good metal performance is tough…and when it works, it’s very satisfying. So I guess the question should be “why not?”!


-Rana: In 2014, you released a full length entitled "Catacombs", What was the process of composing this album?


Kareem: It was a little bit different than our previous records, especially given that in the past we released 3 EPs over 3 years. This time, we had time to step back, evaluate, and reproach things differently. Many of the songs were first written on the acoustic, and we definitely were open to experimenting. Hadi Sarieddine, who produced the album, was also active with us from the pre-production stage.


-Rana: Since our society thinks that Metal music is something related with Satanism, have you faced something like this in Lebanon or Middle East in general? 


Kareem: No! Thankfully not. We know people who have, and we don’t envy them one bit. Some people will ask about whether are music has to do with religion or if we have some gothic or satanic elements in our music. You have to just keep an open mind and explain it to them. The rest is up to them to interpret.


-Rana: How do you think the level of live events in Middle East can grow?


Kareem: We need to be patient, and more open-minded. I know going to small venues with a simple setup and so on seems off-putting, but there are some amazing talented bands that deserve the exposure they aren’t getting. Always remember that your favorite bands at one point played these small shows, and needed support from their communities before touring internationally. 
We need to end this senseless egotistic competition between bands. We’re all in a small scene that is struggling to stay somewhat financially stable. We need to help each other, share knowledge and ideas, and support each other as best as possible. Also, quality over quantity: having one awesome show every couple of months is better than have two crappy shows a month.


-Rana: What is your next step? 


Kareem: Now that we’re active again, we want to start working on our next album, and play as many shows as possible! Stay updated through our Facebook and Twitter.


Thank you Kareem for your time and we wish the best in your upcoming show.


Kareem Chehayeb – Voice of the Soul (Vocalist) 
Official Facebook Page:

Interviewed by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Muhammad Jaber


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