JorZine - Interview with Steel Engraved

Interview with Steel Engraved

Band: Steel Engraved

By: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-11-23

First of all welcome back once more to Dubai, It’s always a pleasure to have you here again

We got a few questions for you:

Hello Andy:
-You guys are coming to perform on November 25 at ‘Metal Mania II’ are you guys excited?


We definitely are! It is a great honour for us to perform in the Middle East. We know there is a very great Metal scene so we really can’t wait for it.


-Your band visited Dubai on 2015, and it was your first time ever in Middle East, how did you find it?


The first time we were not able to do our performance. The government as far as I know has cancelled the show with VADER. Nevertheless we had a great time. The promoters of the show took us downtown (several times), we met a lot of new friends and had a lot of fun! We hope to see all soon again, hopefully at the upcoming show! It was for all of us the first trip to Dubai, so we got a lot of great impressions. It’s very different to all we went before and I like the scene in Dubai.

-Since you are a Heavy/Power Metal Band have you ever thought of the possibility of adding a female singer to your tracks?


Well, we’ve got a very talented singer. And we have a female bass player who works as a teacher for playing guitar. And – what a surprise – she is a very talented singer, too! She is a real musician and I think every band should have at least one… ☺ I can basically imagine to ad Kathy as a female singer but she hates singing AND playing bass ☺…But I’m working on it. Well, I don’t know why but the band didn’t want to have me as an additional singer, lol!!

 -Is there any other country in the Middle East you wish to perform in? And why?

So we toured throughout whole Europe, we were in the US and plan to get there again. After Dubai last year for us it was sure to come back again, even though the show was cancelled. I can imagine playing everywhere where Metalheads are. We are a lucky german band who has the chance to do it. We have a lot of respect for the promoter who’s keeping on doing shows and not to giving up after several cancellations. So we won’t give up, too!


-Is there a new album in the making? And if there is, what updates can u give us about it? And as

fans and listeners what surprises should we expect from it?


Yes, we finished the recordings and it’s in the Mix right now. It sounds definitely different to our current album, in a special way a bit more progressive and modern. Maybe it’s a little bit darker but I think more melodic, too! All in all it’s a STEEL ENGRAVED album. If you like the last one you will love the new one!!


-Is there a possibility of a guest coming on your next album? And who do you prefer to have on your record?


We have a very special guest our new album. We are very proud of Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) singing one song on the album. It’s killer!! Ralf produced Marco’s Vocal line. Another great part on the production took Mario Lochert from SERIOUS BLACK.


-If you could tour with another group and bring them to Dubai with you, who would u choose?


I would love to support VICIOUS RUMORS, ICED EARTH, EVERGREY and CIRCLE II CIRCLE. We toured with these bands on different tours in Europe. Every tour we had a lot of fun. Great times with friends on the road. I am sure that all that bands would love it in the Middle East! Zak (Circle) already did one show in Dubai as far as I remember.


-We all know that the market for Metal music is getting worse and worse and effecting bands all around the world.
What are the obstacles that your band are facing? And how are you guys covering your expenses for recording, touring…etc
Do you have a sponsor?


We have a sponsor but honestly right now I don’t know who is sponsoring whom! ☺

The market gets worse, you are right. But in Europe there is the special situation of a huge surplus of Metal concerts. In Munich for example there is nearly every day a show of a nameful band. Festivals in Europe, especially Germany, are during summer time on EVERY weekend. Smaller festivals fight every year to cover the expenses.  That’s why I like the scene here as I said before. It’s maybe not that big like in European cities but when there is a concert people come, know each other and party together. It seems to me people here enjoy it much more and give smaller bands a chance. I miss that at home definitely.

On the other hand that surplus gives smaller bands the chance to perform on bigger stages, not just at the pub around the corner. For sure – promotion gigs are not payed as “normal” shows.  On the other hand again the situation seems to get worse, but basically there is no difference to the 80’s I think. Yet to that time there were good payed shows, promo shows and buy on shows as well.


We are six musicians but the truth is that the STEEL ENGRAVED family consists in 13 people. I am very proud of every single member. We have a very professional crew working on – meanwhlile several – nameful festivals as a stage crew in Europe. We offer a PA rental for small up to middle events as well. We offer professional sound and light tecs, backline tecs and merchers.  It’s a lot of hard work and it is our crew as well that made a lot of things happen for STEEL ENGRAVED. Thank you Tobi, Moatl, Wisi, Mattei, Sarah and Yvonne for all your efforts and skills!!

Thank you Andy for your time and we wish you the best in your upcoming show in Dubai.


Thank you! We are looking forward to it!!

Interviewed by Mohammad Lahham

Edited by Muhammad Jaber


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