JorZine - Interview with Hate Field

Interview with Hate Field

Band: Hate Field

By: Tiphany Matai for Spirit of Metal Webzine - 2012-12-01

JZ: How are you doing since the release of your album "Scary Fairy Tales"? How were the feedbacks?
Hello Tiphany , Everything's cool since the release of "Scary Fairy Tale" , got some good feedback from Euorpe , North and South America , I'm so far satisfied about the feedback , it will need more time to spread a Debut album Coming from Egypt to the world , but I'm pretty Optimistic about what it will lead to.
JZ: You were the bass player of the egyptian band Odious before creating Hate Field: how were the years passed with the other members? how do you see the band now?
I was the bass player in Odious for more than 10 years , had the greatest musical experience ever with the best, and one of the earliest bands in Egypt , satisfied with our international releases and decent reputation worldwide , the band members are more than a family to me , we shared lots of success moments together on stage or in studio , and I guess the Odious Train aint gonna stop anytime soon
JZ: Why did you decide to leave Odious and to create Hate Field?
Well , I created Hate Field before I split from Odious , it's not me who decided to leave the band , we all agreed that whoever can't be as giving as the way we agreed on more than 10 years ago , shall just step aside and leave it to those who can drive as fast and powerful as its supposed to be , and now its Bassem's job (founder-Vocalist-keyboardist) ,I'll still support him and support Odious with all power I can give so that the next album shall see the light
JZ:  I guess Hate Field name is a kind of Tribute for James Hetfield from Metallica. What does this band represent for you?
Ah , well yea , its kinda pretty Obvious , the band's name rhymes with Metallica's Front Man James Hetfield's last name , as he's my musical & personal Idol , and anyone knows me ,knows how much I'm really inspired by this man , Hate Field is now not just a side project , its like everything that can represent me musically and personally, I just have to focus 110 percent in whatever I'm dreaming for the band
JZ: Can you introduce your first solo album, "Scary Fairy Tales". What is it about?
Scary Fairy Tale is a reflection of my musical and life experience , I wrote and recorded all the Instruments , lyrics and Vocals , it's a blend between heavy metal ,Industrial and Oriental music … all that represents myself and my emotional state at the time I wrote the album . Domestic Genocide records are responsible for distributing the album worldwide and I'm proud to work with such Enthusiastic label

JZ: How did you manage to produce it and to compose it? how were the recording sessions?
Recording and mixing sessions were joyfully tough , lots of hard work that took me almost two years to get it from scratch to end up being packed on a CD , working with my old time friend and Producer Samir Nabil was lots of fun, I must admit that he did a lot of effort and patience to get it out the way it is ,we could work on mixing for a couple of months , then I decide to change something major in the sound , and we just had to start from almost the beginning .. in the end we're satisfied and proud with the Output

JZ: There are not many industrial metal bands in the middle east: why did you choose this kind of metal? Do you realize that you belong to the few who play industrial metal stuff with Seth.ect in Turkey, for example?

Honestly speaking, years ago I was-and still very inspired by the electronic sounds of Samael's albums like "passage" and "Eternal" , also the Kovenant had their print, but when I was more into Rammstein , the whole dark/ Electro message was totally delivered, to me , that Mixture between sharp heavy guitars along with the mood u can get when u add this electro touch to them , and that naturally was reflected on writing Scary fairy tale ,and Hate field became one of the very few bands who could go through this musical direction in the middle east

JZ: You are close to your cultural origins and you integrate some oriental elements: why did you keep the cultural vibe? You could have kept them away from you.
The cultural vibe and origin is already there inside me , how could i keep away the root of everything musical I was raised on and surrounded by ? in my opinion its one of the elements that makes Hate Field Original , and musically truthful
JZ: How is the metal scene in egypt, and especially, the government with this kind of music?
Metal scene in Egypt is now way much better than it was in the early days , again Internet made it easy to learn, explore and share more music , there's a lot of musicians now with different tastes and directions , I think that makes the scene more competitive and even more productive that before , the only thing we miss is how others see us as musicians playing metal music , here it needs more time for people to understand that we are just normal people and we just enjoy playing our loud and heavy music .. nothing more
JZ: Since the egyptian revolution, do you think it's easier or harder to be in a metal band?
So far nothing really changed in the musical scene after the revolution ,maybe there's lots of creativity floating out there after fighting for freedom and what so ever .. so I guess now music can be a part of delivering messages that could not be delivered during the old regime
JZ: What are you projects in the future? Are you making gigs?
I picked three awesome musicians so far to join Hate Field , started jamming the songs and putting the "band" touch on them, we're excited about playing gigs inside Egypt and out , the band will be more alive and strong while on stage .. which will inspire us with enough energy to start doing another album , but this time I guess it wont be a one man band as it was in the first album
JZ: What is the band you listen the most in this moment?
These days im so into a band called "Viza". Also I became more attached to the Radio … radio opens the door to different exciting worlds ,and its always fun to explore new bands with new musical directions
JZ: This is the last question: what is your favorite oriental metal band?
Not because I was a member , but My favorite Oriental Metal band will always be ODIOUS
JZ: This is the end of the interview: i let you the last words, express yourself!
Thank you Tiphany , good luck with the decent work you're doing, and hope one day I'll read your review on one of Hate Field's gigs in Europe.Cheers and Stay Metal.


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