JorZine - Melechesh Studio Report

Melechesh Studio Report


Author: Rima Nakhala - 2010-01-01

In middle of Istkilal Street, in my favorite city Istanbul, I had the chance to meet with Ashmedi the mainman of Sumerian thrashing black metal act MELECHESH at the newly built Babajim Studio where the band decided to defy the norm and head to the East for recording & mastering their fifth full length upcoming album rather than doing this in Europe or USA.

JorZine was one of four Medias allowed to visit the studio , they agreed for one Magazine from USA one from Europe , one from Turkey and yours truly for the Middle East.





Ashmedi greeted me with hospitality and gave me a tour around the studio. It is very luxurious and comfortable and most importantly it has advanced Top of the line gear, although it is not a metal music studio but the sound engineers managed with the band to make the best of their metal recording experience!


MELECHESH have been recording for the last 2 months and tried to incorporate Istanbul’s atmospheres into their music which fits this vibe..


I was lucky enough to have sneak review of the album, I have listened to two songs yet to be fully mastered in the control room, The first song was “Ghouls of Nineveh” a rocking black metal song with repeated yet dark riffs, brutal yet unique melodies, the second song was “The Magickan And The Drones” more of thrashy tones mixed with oriental melodies.


Overall the sound of upcoming release has a taste of orient, some Arabic origin lyrics and mix of unusual instruments where used like the Azeri Tar, Persian Santur, Ney, Baglama Saz, Bindir, Tambour, Indian Sitar in addition to the monstrous metal guitar riffs!



The album is in its final mixing and mastering stages and to be officially announced soon by Nuclear Blast Records, so get ready JorZiners for another album that sounds only like MELECHESH, that will take you into a magic journey of Sumerian trashing metal tones!


Stay tuned for a more in depth interview with the band..


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