JorZine - Syrian Metal Scene Of 2011

Syrian Metal Scene Of 2011

Band: Jorzine

Author: Kasem Al Hammoud - 2012-12-01

So this is by far the most active year in the Syrian Metal Scene since forever! Especially in Damascus, it all started with the split "Enlightened" by Eulen, the Blackend Doom band, and Despair, the Black Metal band. After that Eulen released their first debut album, "Mother Tree", which was one of my favorite releases from the Syrian scene this year. Eulen, also revealed the track list and cover art from their upcoming EP, "Diminished Mass Realm".


Despair, signed with the Russian record label, Cvlminis, and released "Depersonalization", their first debut album which in my opinion was a very solid release. I reviewed both albums (Depersonalization and Mother Tree) on


Abidetherein, revealed their track list and cover art from their upcoming album, "Paralysis Engulfed The Myth", which will be released in the beginning of January, 2012.


The Doom Metal band, Crescent Moon, has announced that they have finished recording their new EP. As yet untitled.


Blackspell, revealed the title of their upcoming album, "With Seasons to With Wither", which will be released through Extreminal Productions.


Netherion, the Death Metal band, has released their demo, "The Journey" and recently their single, "Words of Perdition".


Buried By The Last Tragedy, the Death\Doom Metal band, has released their first demo, "The Burning Ship".


Sideffects is a new Alternative\Metalcore band formed in the mid of this year. It includes: Alex Kayal on rhythm guitars, who is from the famous local Thrash\Hardcore band, Slumpark Correctional. Sideffects released their first single, "Keep Pretending".


Orion has also shared a new song titled, "Of Freedom and a Moor", from their first upcoming demo. As yet untitled.


Yeah, that's pretty much it, add to that some stupid "Rock" concerts here and there, oh, did I mention the "only white t-shirt gig?" Or, the "couples concert?" Not everyone has a bitch and a white t-shirt ya' know, that's just pathetic.


All in all, besides the gig\concerts part, it was a great year for Metal in Syria with the enjoyable debuts of Despair and Eulen and the many new bands showing up from nowhere. I think, somehow, I'm proud of this.


PS: The artwork of Depersonalization, Mother Tree, Paralysis Engulfed The Myth, and Diminished Mass Realm were designed by Hazem Mallah.


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