JorZine - Metal/Rock Life In Jordan Nowadays (2012)

Metal/Rock Life In Jordan Nowadays (2012)

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Author: Azmo Lozmodial - 2013-03-24

In a place where everyone is a fan of shallow modern music, it's hard for a group of metallers/rockers to form a band that carries non-shallow massages for the whole society. Most music listeners enjoy only one kind of music, the modern one that only has one lyrical direction: "Love". Consequently, metallers and rockers who try to form a band in this environment are always targetted by the shallow music listener, and many narrow-minded and uneducated people connect this kind of music with the devil just because it is not familiar to them. Despite these common problems, there are a lot of Metal and Rock musicians who have stood against this misunderstanding and tried to create their own original Rock/Metal material. The massive rejection by the society has developed to reach the government which in its role has disallowed Rock/Metal concerts in 2008. This forbiddance was actually some kind of inhibition to the freedom of all the listeners and musicians who enjoyed this kind of music in Jordan at the time.



Fortunately, this inhibition did not last forever as some organizations (such as Jordan Vibes, JoScene, Jordanian Music Nation, Imagination Jordan, Jeeran, Eka3, Art Medium) have recently tried to create a great environment for musicians to throw their concerts and festivals freely in Jordan to give the opportunity for all the listeners to enjoy this kind of music without any problem. At first, only Rock bands have been selected to do gigs, and after a while Hard Rock bands have been selected as well, such as during the very successful event "Alternate Music Festival III", which has was managed by Jordan Vibes. The line-up for that festival was: Amadeus Awad , Triplet, The Tent and Fuse. And there were some other concerts that have faced a real great response, such as the concert of Alaa Faqir Show In Souq Jara and the gig of the Hard Rock band "Illusion" at Souq Jara too.




Things have developed and finally Metal bands were selected to do their shows without using harsh/screaming vocals, such as during the event "Music Rush Night II" which was managed by Jordan Vibes (in collaboration with Mohammad Jaber), and the bands that have participated are: Dragonrider, Fuse, The Tent, Bedlam, Ahmad Turkey and Camillie Vangramberen along with a solo performance from Ghaith Elhorr, vocalist of Roswell. The success continued with the event "Burning II" which was organized by Imagination Jordan and the line-up for that event was: Exile, Atomos, Eternal Maze and The Tent. And after some successful concerts, Joscene has managed to create the event "Blast Night II" which included the Heavy Metal band Bedlam and the Death/Doom metal band Chalice Of Doom alongside the Black metal band Nathraziem. That was the first concert to include harsh and screaming vocals since 2008, and this event has followed the success that Joscene had accomplished with the event "Blast Night I" which included the bands Dragonrider, Intense, Bedlam and Climoric.



In general, the Metal/Rock scene in Jordan is developing and the fanbase of this kind of music is increasing, even the experience of the members is developing, and this experience will help them to create more mature music as well as a more professional musical taste. The Hard Rock bands "Akher Zapheer"; "Avowed"'; "Illusions" and "JadaL", the Progressive Rock band "Fuse" and the Alternative Rock bands "Random House"; "Triplet" and "The Tent" are the main bands who cover the Rock scene in Jordan with their music, and I guess the Rock scene will progress more quickly than the Metal scene there because this type of music is way softer and calmer in the eyes of the local community. On the other hand, the Metal scene in Jordan has reached a great level of awareness and maturity, and many active bands like "Bilocate", "Exile", "Nathrzeim", "Chalice Of Doom", "Dragonrider", "Falling Leaves", "Atomos", "Eternal Maze", "Relics of Martyrs" and "Bouq" have released original releases in different Metal genres which helped to make the base of the scene firm and tough in front of the rejection that the community has always presented to this type of music.



In Jorzine we have always done our best to cover and to review every Metal/Rock event with our team street manager Rak Hiasat, and we have also covered the news and the studio reports of every band, because our job is to present and support the Metal/Rock scene against any rejection. Although the events are not big enough to be streamed on TV channels or on radio stations (as the local point of view about this kind of music is still radical), I believe that this type of music is still evolving and with the support that the local listeners can give to the scene, this music will be working successfully without any single problem; supporting the local bands was the only thing that helped their music to rise again and with this continuous support the scene will be rising increasingly.


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