JorZine - Metal Grinders Vol.1 [ Event Review ]

Metal Grinders Vol.1 [ Event Review ]

Band: Metal Grinders

Author: Moustapha Laithy - 2013-04-17

Another metal festival in Egypt appeared to blast us with a hell of metal music. It was the metal grinders. "Metal grinders" came with first appearing Metal acts which was unique as those band needed to be heard.


"Metal grinders" started early at night with a soft music by "Tareq Tohamy" to rock the stage with some acoustic rock, as it was his first time to appear with a bassist (psycho-the jokers ), a drummer (Faltas - Mascara), and a Guest vocal (Geezee) .
"TT" amazed the crowd with some originals of his released album, and some acoustic covers for rock bands and musicians such as Stained, Adele and others.

5 minutes later it was the time for "Black Swan Theory" to freak the audience with some progressive heavy riffing, amazing drum lines and amusing bass lines. "Black Swan Theory" have shared the stage with "Muhammed Hassany "Sand Aura", but it was a good journey to listen to their upcoming release "Unleashed " as they played originals from their album.


Later this night it came to more brutal, more death, more melodic music, as "Segadoras" got on the stage, with groovy, death-core riff works , and breakdowns, within a good melody to play among that hardcore riffing, "Segadoras" played 4 tracks of their upcoming album "The rise". 

With "Segadoras" it was the right time to flow their riffs throw the crowd's ears, and start headbanging like it was the first time to head-bang after thirty years.

As the night closure, there came the "Apocalypse" with the old school melodic death metallers, "Kalmah's" alike, " Al Azif " to perform tracks of their released album "Claiming the Sand Throne", what a killing melodic death music, influenced by "Kalmah", "Hypocrisy" and "Norther". i was amused listening to their tracks and thrilled with their performance. 


It was a great night, but i was upset not seeing "Ebbtide" performing on stage because of some issues that happened with the band, and i wish them good luck 

If your going to attend the next "Metal Grinders" concert, I advice you to book an appointment at a doctor the post day to heal your neck and ears. if you missed this one, I'm sorry to inform you that you've lost to hear some awesome acts.



*All pictures were taken from the band's Facebook Pages.


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