JorZine - A Night for MetalDays Event (June 15th- 2013)

A Night for MetalDays Event (June 15th- 2013)

Band: A Night for MetalDays

Author: Carmina Khairallah - 2013-06-24

As Lebanese Metal Icon Blaakyum will be performing next month at MetalDays in Slovenia alongside legends such as Overkill, In Flames, Iced Earth, Onslaught and more, they’ve decided to make us Lebanese Metal heads enjoy a little piece of the Metal cake by throwing A Night For MetalDays at Metal friendly venue Yukunkun Gemayzeh on Saturday, June 15th.


  Doors were supposed to open at 9:30 pm so that the first band could come on stage at 10:15. We were warned in the event’s facebook description that each performance might be delayed between 10 and 30 minutes due to usual technicalities, but we had to wait till as long as 10:15 till the security guards started letting people in. As usual, though, a bunch of fans lingered outside, expecting the concert not to start for a while.


  The place was already pretty full when Rebellion got on stage at 10:50, and most attendees immediately stationed themselves in front of the stage to watch this band’s first performance. With Nigol Ozz on vocals, Ramzi Alaeddine and Ossy Mash on guitars, Samer Rkab on Drums and Hisham El Hajj Boutross, this Heavy Metal band was aiming to take the crowd back to the Golden 80’s. Even their outfits, a mix of leather, denim and chains, fit the part. The band played the following songs:

- Looks That Kill – Motley Crue

- Sorry – Rebellion

- Anility – Rebellion (dedicated to the vocalist’s deceased friend)

- Back – Rebellion

- Silence Call – Rebellion

- Don’t Talk to Strangers – Dio replica louis vuitton monogram handbags

  The sound was pretty good compared to the place’s capacities with such a genre, and it highlighted each member’s mostly clean performance. It was kind of altered, though, by the echo effect on the vocals, which would’ve been good on one or two songs but when left on most of the tracks started seeming pretty dull. The band’s interaction with the crowd was good and their passion was communicative, although almost none of the attendees was head banging or even moving before being coaxed to by guitarist Ossy Mash’s enthusiastic words (although, that only lasted for about a song). As for the band’s performance, it was mostly given by vocalist Nigol and guitarist Ossy, whereas the rest of the band members stood pretty still. The songs themselves did deliver some good Heavy Metal spirit. Although, maybe ending mulberry replica handbags  with a relatively calmer song should’ve been avoided seeing what bands came next, but the crowd enjoyed it nevertheless. All in all, Rebellion’s performance was about as good as a first one can be thanks to each member’s previous experience, but we need to keep an eye on their future events to see if they’ll ever be part of Lebanon’s Metal “Hall of Fame”. When asked for his opinion about the gig, vocalist Nigol Ozz said: “Fun event. The sound was great, but the stage is too small, no room to move replica burberry handbags . But overall, great experience.”


  Next up at 11:40 was the night’s main act, Blaakyum replica cartier handbags . No need to introduce the band anymore, so let’s move on to the band’s all-original playlist:

- Battle Roar

- Destined to Rise

- Baal-Adon replica louis vuitton monogram outlet

- The Land

- Journey to Eternity

- Cease Fire

- Rip it Off

- Crossing

- The Line of Fear  

  The band’s professionalism bears no doubt, as they are our country’s oldest still active Metal band. The sound was very good, needing only the slightest of rectifications by the sound engineer between some of the tracks. The band’s performance wasn’t very active except for the inevitable head banging, but it was enough. Their interaction with the crowd was great, but even they couldn’t get the crowd truly excited over Heavy and Thrash Metal music (seriously, people?). Most of the attendees were head banging and singing along and there were even a few attempts at mosh pits (with never seem to be fruitful due to the size of the venue), but for some reason nearing the end of the band’s performance most of the crowd was either sitting in a corner or outside smoking. One last remark: the band’s playlist seemed to be missing Blaakyum’s well-known first single, Am I Black, even though they never seem to miss it. The band’s front-man and vocalist Bassem Deaibess explained that this song was one of the four that were removed from the original playlist to make place for the following band’s performance. A great show nevertheless, as usual. Here’s a part of aforementioned front-man’s statement on the band’s website as a band member but primarily as organizer of the event: “Yesterday was a day that showed all those few who had hope in the Lebanese Metal Scene, that their hope was not misplaced. It showed those who were feeling that this scene is dying, that they were wrong, and I am sure they are more than happy to know they were wrong.”


  Last but not least, another landmark of Lebanese Metal, Nocturna, graced the stage at 1:05. Here’s the band’s playlist:

- Vindictive Storm - Nocturna

- Herald of my Happiness - Nocturna

- Frozen Sun – Nocturna

- Cannibal Rose  - Nocturna

- Whispers of a Sleepless Night – Nocturna (after the crowd almost begged to hear it)

- Ode to thy Mournful Departure - Nocturna

- Torn Asunder - Nocturna

- As I Slither – Kataklysm

  The band was also pretty still except for the head banging but that was in accordance to the genre. The sound was surprisingly clear for Melodic Death Metal and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it, judging by their restless head banging, mosh pit attempts and excited screaming, despite having already spent about 2 hours doing so. The band’s front-man and vocalist Habib Arbid’s interaction with the crowd was very friendly and he definitely didn’t need to kick it up a notch to get them in the mood for the band’s loud tracks and obvious passion. When asked about his opinion regarding the concert, he said: “On behalf of Nocturna, I must say it was a great pleasure for us to play alongside Blaakyum and Rebellion. Concerning the event, it was pretty much decent... the crowd was great though and very supportive. We had a really good time... cheers.”


  Some System of a Down covers would’ve been an interesting touch at the end of this concert, but scheduled act Highway 69 didn’t make it with no prior warning due to apparent personal issues. Although we wish the band the best in their future career, we would like to point out that this wasn’t the first time and that this country’s Metal scene is already vacillating as is and cannot stand lack of professionalism from any of its components, especially those who’ve been around for a while.


   It was nice to see some new and old faces among the crowd along with the never fading loyal fans. Comes to show that this scene does have what it takes to make it big someday. Also, seeing an almost all-original gig was heartwarming, especially since the attendees seemed to know most of the songs almost by heart. All we need is a little more support between fans, bands and organizers, and it’ll be all good.


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  On behalf of JorZine, I would like to thank Blaakyum, Rebellion, Nocturna, Yukunkun Gemmayze and everyone else who participated in the making of this concert for a good, head banging sweat inducing night. Looking very much forward to the next one.


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