JorZine - Varg Vikernes And Fans - A Personal Retrospective

Varg Vikernes And Fans - A Personal Retrospective

Band: Burzum

Author: Álvaro Rodríguez Ortiz - 2013-07-17

I don’t like media people. But I really don’t like musicians that use the media in order to get attention. They do that to get fans. And my question is, then why do you make music? Your music should speak for you, not your actions.

The music industry is packed with “media whores” as I like to call them. We have Miley Cyrus, Madonna… I thought this kind of musicians were only in the pop or rap world, but I was wrong. In metal we have some really bigmouth musicians. The first one I would say is the blabbermouth for excellence, Dave Mustaine. But I’m not writing this for him, I’m writing this for Kristian Vikernes, also known as Varg Vikernes or Count Grishnackh.

I woke up today, as usual, and I had breakfast and I took a shower. I turned on my pc and the first thing I saw on Internet was that Varg Vikernes had been arrested in France, along with his wife, for plotting against France. I was shocked. Let’s be honest, everyone (or pretty much all the fans) thought that Varg was now “a normal dude”, and that we could enjoy his incoming albums without watching him getting in problems. Of course he continued writing his own ideology in Burzum’s blog page, but everyone was okay. Varg was releasing albums, some good, some bad, and he was “behaving himself”. But now seems like he wasn’t as good as everyone thought.

I have read that Varg himself exchanged mail with Anders Breivik, the guy who committed the Norway’s bloodbath in 2011. In fact, he got the manifesto of Anders Breivik by himself, a few days before he committed all this. Also I have read that the police had been controlling him, because they consider him as a “potential terrorist”.


The other part of this articles is Burzum and Varg Vikernes’ fans. I’ve seen really stupid comments everywhere since I use Internet, but Burzum “fanboys” are unbelievable. They are begging to France to free Varg Vikernes because he’s a “good guy and he hasn’t done anything bad”. This is really impressive.

In one of the websites I use, one anonymous guy sent me this message:

"You annoy me with 'uh varg is shit and an asshole and has no musical talent' just because he has done shitty things he isn't a bad person and his music is good ever tried it? I guess you like Gorgoroth tho they raped a woman at an after show party"

This of course, it wasn’t unexpected to me. I was waiting to get one of this fan boy messages for the simple fact that I had written my own personal opinion about this problem.

Not only with fan boys or whatever, here in Internet there is a big problem: people don’t respect your opinion. They can’t shut up, they need to fight with you until you are tired, or until you agree with them.
And of course, he got a reply…

Okay, let’s start. Varg Vikernes is not a bad person? Well, if you stab someone with a pocket knife tilldeath, I do think that’s an action that makes you a bad person. Not even a bad person, makes you a murderer. Varg Vikernes is an asshole, for the simple fact he can’t shut his mouth up. You can have your own opinion about white power, about racism, etc; but you should respect other’s opinions. He decided to start burning churches because he was against religion. Well, I am against religion too, and I don’t burn churches or do senseless and stupid shit like that. You can have your own opinion about religion without bitching all the time. Personally, I don’t like religion, but if you follow some kind of religion, no matter what: christianism, buddhism, or whatever, I respect it. I’m not going to tell you that you are wrong, or that you are a dildo or whatever. I would tell you: okay dude, you follow x religion, I don’t follow any kind of religions but I respect them. I agree with you, his music is good. He had and still has talent. He was able to record 10 albums by himself, all the instruments, by himself. You have to be talented, or good to do that. Since I’ve been here in Tumblr, and also in Last FM, there are two types of Burzum fans: the fanboys who idealize Varg as a musician and as a person; and the fans of his music, who don’t care about his beliefs or political preferences. And no, you are wrong, I tried to listen to Gorgoroth a few times and I don’t really like them, not because they “raped a woman at an after show party", simply because I don’t like them. Cheers, and please, chill your tits.

Here we have a random example of what I was talking about.

And now, let’s think. Varg started all this because he thought it was the way to get attention from the media and also annoy Christianity world in Norway. And we all know how the die-heart Burzum fans are, so…

What if in the following days we have news reports about new church burnings? There’s plenty of stupid people all over the world to do it, so you should expect this.


My point with this article is this: Varg is a very talented musician, he basically invented a new genre called Black Metal, along with Mayhem. But, his personality is highly influenced by what he thinks, and he’s the prototype of long haired metal bad boy, which means that the headless metal crowd that follows him would be very influenced by his ideology.

In my opinion, he should still be in jail, he is the same dull guy as he was in the past. He should be controlled. And we have to keep an eye open to the media, for incoming actions related to this.

I’m not saying I want my own justice, I’m saying this because I do care what people think about Heavy Metal. Now I bet some parents are thinking that the music their kids are listening is dangerous, and they maybe ban that kind of music for their kids.

The problem is not the music, you can listen to Suicidal Black Metal without being suicidal, you can listen to Dying Fetus without killing your parents and raping your dog, etc. The problem is the artist, and also the people who are not intelligent enough to think by themselves.

Bad people is attractive. Doing bad things is attractive, so that’s why we have to control this kind of things, and not relate them to music, as probably the media is going to do in the following days.


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