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Kimaera New Album Launch Concert

Band: Kimaera

Author: Carmina Khairallah - 2013-09-25

On Saturday September 7th, local band KIMAERA, notorious for their Doom/Death Metal stylings, released their 3rd studio album, “The Harbinger of Doom”. In order to celebrate this event, the band offered their Lebanese fans a concert alongside two other local Metal bands at the long-dead Nova pub in Sen-el-Fil, located in the suburbs of Beirut.

The concert was supposed to begin at 9:30, which would allow KIMAERA to climb on stage at 10:45. Although, as usual, things did not go as planned, and the opening act DEATH TONE, a relatively new local Melodic Death Metal band, made their appearance at 10:10, after everyone was brutally shoved inside at around 9:30 to enjoy some playback Metal tracks. The band performed the following songs:

Oops I Did it Again – Britney Spears
Waking the Demon – Bullet for my Valentine
Punch Me I Bleed – Children of Bodom
Death at a Funeral – DeathTone
You’re Dead to Me – DeathTone
Are You Dead Yet – Children of Bodom

It was obvious that the band did not have much stage experience. For starters, their stage presence was good, but could’ve been better prepared, as it was somehow lacking unity between the members. Also, the members barely interacted with the crowd if at all. Finally, a few problems in the sound caused the guitars to create very loud and very annoying screeching sounds at times. But musically, each member displayed very obvious talent in what they were doing. The mix of well-executed covers and promising originals that they chose for the night was in accordance to the rest of the concert, although differing in genre for the most part. Another interesting fact about the band is their 50/50 male/female quota among the members, including a very talented female drummer (Tatyana Boughaba) which we sadly have to admit is very rare in our Metal scene. We also sadly have to admit that the crowd was very irresponsive to this young band, apparently reluctant to head-bang to anything unfamiliar.


When asked about his opinion regarding the venue and event, band lead vocalist and guitarist Anwar Habib said: “It was an honor to play with KIMAERA and NOCTURNA, of course. But the sound system made it really hard to go full out, especially the monitors which were painful to deal with. I would like to thank Charbel Abboud (KIMAERA's keyboardist) for his support from the very beginning and JP for his understanding and assistance with amplification. DEATH TONE is going to release an 11 song album that will be labeled "Hatred from Within" by the mid of this winter.”


Then, after 15 minutes of preparation, it was up to the guest act, acclaimed Lebanese Melodic Death Metal band NOCTURNA, to pursue the night’s entertainment at about 11:00. They performed the following songs:


Cannibal Rose - Nocturna
Whispers of a Sleepless Night - Nocturna
Herald of My Happiness – Nocturna
Frozen Sun – Nocturna
As I Slither - Kataklysm
Ode to Thy Mournful Departure - Nocturna
Torn Asunder – Nocturna


The crowd immediately became much more dense at the sound of songs they knew and proceeded to head-bang their heads off since the very beginning, even throwing a few attempts at mosh-pits that were immediately intercepted by the present security officers . In fact, everyone was so busy bowing their heads that very few noticed that the band’s drummer, Chadi el Marid, was wearing a pretty eccentric mask throughout his performance, a fact which he did not even announce beforehand to his astonished and amused band members. The band’s performance displayed evident stage experience and professionalism through the performance of their almost all-original playlist and their positive interaction with the crowd, although they did have a lot of trouble starting their last song, which they had to repeat twice before it could work correctly. After that, the band had to leave the stage quite reluctantly, under a shower of high volume encores that wouldn’t stop for a few minutes; that would suggest that the band succeeded in giving their fans what they wanted.


When asked about his opinion regarding the event and venue, front man Habib Arbid said: “It was a pleasure for us to play alongside KIMAERA on their third album release and we wish them the best for their tour in Russia. Performing in Nova again just brings back a lot of memories... Anyway, the sound was strangely good on our part. We really enjoyed performing that night, yet midway through our performance I noticed Shady, our drummer, wearing a mask ...cracked me up a bit, nonetheless it was brutal. The fans were amazing as usual, we really thank them for their support and their constant head bangs.”


NOCTURNA are currently recording their first album “The Gates of Periah”.

And finally, at 11:55 thus after 20 minutes of preparation, the night’s main act KIMAERA graced the stage, performing the following playlist:


Ancient Serpents – Kimaera
The Day Innocence Died/In a Dying Embrace - Kimaera
Lost Control – Anathema
Praising My Pain – Kimaera
December Ends – Kimaera
God's Wrath – Kimaera


Please note that the band’s playlist was cut in half due to the fact that their drummer Erce Arslan was unable to come to Lebanon from Turkey due to the current political situation in our country and Rudy Fares was given 10 days to practice on the band’s playlist from scratch in order to perform with them.


As always the crowd was ecstatic (apart from those who seemed to be more interested by smoking a bunch of cigarettes and standing outside than watching the concert that they paid to enter), and again the entirety of those present were banging their heads off, singing along no matter how long they’ve been in the Metal Scene, whether they were newcomer rookies or Metal veterans. Other attempts at mosh-pits were made then brutally interrupted with renewed determination. The band’s overall performance exhibited the expected professionalism; even the drums although not perfect were quite impressive considering the designated drummer only had 10 days to practice them. Also, the bass was assured skillfully by both KIMAERA’s bassist Wissam Abiad and their touring bassist Samer Zouein. A surprise guest appearance was given by BLAAKYUM’s vocalist Bassem Deaibess as he was in charge of singing the clean part of "Lost Control" by ANATHEMA, KIMAERA’s lead vocalist JP Haddad, who allegedly doesn’t do clean vocals at all.

Throughout the concert many technical issues were noticed, varying from lighting problems on stage to various sound problems, mostly coming from the venue itself. Nevertheless the fans remained satisfied as they had received the Metal surge that they were promised. The heart of the scene shall always beat strong and nothing can stop it, not a few technical mistakes nor the issues burdening our country.

KIMAERA left Lebanon immediately after this concert for their Russian tour. Best of luck to them; may they raise the flag of Lebanese Metal high up in a sky of lifted horns.

Thank you DEATH TONE, NOCTURNA, KIMAERA, Nova Sen el Fil and everyone who worked on this concert for yet another satisfying night.


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