JorZine - Summoning The Bygones

Bilocate - Summoning The Bygones

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Label: Aural Music
Year: 2012
Month: 6
Rating: /10

Track list:

1. The Tragedy Within
2. Beyond Inner Sleep
3. A Deadly Path
4. Passage
5. Dead Emotion (Paradise Lost (band) cover)
6. Hypia
7. 2nd War in Heaven
8. A Desire to Leave I. Obscurity
9. A Desire to Leave II. Surrounding Hell
10. A Desire to Leave III. ...Of Leaving"

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Summoning the Bygones is the third full-length studio album by BILOCATE. It was released four years after Sudden Death Syndrome. Quoted is a description of the album written by BILOCATE: "Summoning The Bygones is BILOCATE's early visions presented in a new outfit, we've always felt that Dysphoria has much value to offer to listeners, however, maybe it got somehow underrated due to the weak sound quality (compared to SDS), so we'd like to share the same spirit and music and ideas with our listeners but with more proper arrangements, production, and sound quality.

The album also includes a modified version of "Days of Joy" under a new name (which is actually the very first name this song had originally when it was created in 2003, in addition to a brand new song and a cover song, we hope you'd enjoy Summoning the Bygones. "

As with its predecessor Sudden Death Syndrome, the album was Co-produced, Mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studios, Orebro - Sweden by Jens Bogren

The artwork of the album Summoning the Bygones has won the Metal Riot's JUNE ULTIMATE COVER ART SHOWDOWN.[7]


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