JorZine - Deathrash Night II

Deathrash Night II

Location: Jordan, Amman, First Circle, Al-Rainbow Theater

Date: 2015-12-11

After the success of Deathrash Night I, and because we're keen to keep the metal scene alive, Tareq, Ali, and Yousef, have decided to make your year once again with "Deathrash Night II" featuring:






Nader Al natsheh: " Guitar & Vocals" 
Sultan Sawalha : "Guitar & Backing vocals "
Ibrahim Khatib :" Bass & Backing vocals "
Mahmoud Tayyem : " Drums "

Eternal Insomnia
Tareq Noufal: "Harsh Vocals"
Joy: " Female Vocals" 
Adnan Rwashdeh: "Drums" 
Hussein Abu Ali: "Rhythm guitars''
Qutaibah Al Assaf: "Lead Guitars "
Adam Lebzo: " Bass, clean vocals, & keys" 
Odai Basim Shawagfeh: " Oud "(Guest member)
Zaid faouri: " Tablah " (Guest member )

TerrorTower Official
Abdulrahman GH :Bass & Vocals
Hamodeh Alsabie : Guitars
Tamer hamodeh :" Guitars (Guest Member) "
Omar shammout -" Drums "

Khosouf - خسوف
Ahmad Yassin Al Natsheh: " Vocals & Guitars "
Yousef Al Sharif : " Bass & Backup Vocals "
Zaid Al-Faouri : " Drums " 

Deviant Act
Amr Attieh:" Vocals "
Nadeem farran: " guitars "
Hasan Qayt:" Bass "
Saif A.hamdan: " Drums "

Come with your friends and have a blast, We are casting about to learn from our past event and make this a much better experience, but we cannot do this without your support.

Our rules are simple :
1- Using cameras is NOT ALLOWED at all;
2 - Moshpits & Standing on chairs are NOT ALLOWED;
3 - Smoking, food, and drinks are NOT ALLOWED inside the theatre;
4- Do not bring any sharp objects or accessories;
5- If you are coming wasted don't bother coming.

NOTE: Security guards will search everyone NO EXCEPTIONS 

Help us make this event as good as you expect it to be. 
Don't try to break any rule, because simply you will be out of this event even if you already bought your ticket .

We assure you that you will have one HELL of a Deathrash night .. 

Ticket Price : 8 JD's

For more info feel free to call these numbers : 
Tareq B Noufal: 0795098194
Ali Mohammad Al Fares: 0799640493
Yousef Alsharif: 0796062235
Rakan Hiasat: 0798168117


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